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Black Pearl Estate, Vieux Sucre road, Monchy, Gros Islet. Tel#1 758 716 1256

Black Pearl Estate, Vieux Sucre road, Monchy, Gros Islet. Tel#1 758 716 1256

We recommend a pick-up from the airport with our selected driver, then a car rental that can be delivered by our selected car rental company to Black Pearl the next morning. Based on previous guests’ experience, this is much more comfortable after a long trip, sometimes a long wait at the airport than driving 90 minutes on the left side of not the best roads, especially at night. The driver will be happy to stop at a grocery store on the way to Black Pearl for you to shop. The cost for the transfer is $90 for up to 4 guests and $25 for each additional guest. Free for children less than 10 years old. You save one day of rental and you may not need a bigger vehicle because you have no luggage to carry.

We drive on the left side.

In St Lucia Google Maps only goes by the shortest distance from one point to the next. So If you search Black Pearl estate from the airport, the suggested route will take you to some very narrow and uncomfortable roads especially at night. So you must add an intermediary point in your search which is “SOL Millennium Gas Station”. So my recommended route is Hewanorra Airport to SOL Millennium Gas Station to Black Pearl Estate.

Same as the previous answer but the final destination is “Massy Stores, Baywalk Shopping Mall, Gros Islet. Then when you are ready to drive to Black Pearl just search for Black Pearl estate for directions. 7 minutes drive.

I like to communicate with my guests via WhatsApp if you use it. Let me know if you do. If not email is fine

Bath and beach towels are provided for your stay.

The average temperature on St. Lucia ranges from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to the upper 90s. December through January are generally the coolest months with the temperatures being in the mid 70s to mid 80s in degrees Fahrenheit. The summer months of June through August are the hottest on St. Lucia where temperatures in the mid to upper 90s Fahrenheit are not uncommon. There is, however, a rainy season that generally falls between June and November. During this season, you should be prepared for heavy, but sporadic showers that come on quickly. Do not worry about traveling during the rainy season as the showers may come about rapidly, but blue skies are quick to follow.

We are on 220v with 3 prong plugs outlets. We have adapters available. If you wish to bring your own adapter you will need the type G.

We recommend drinking bottled water as the tap water mainly comes from rain reserves.

We recommend getting local currency at the airport in St. Lucia when you arrive or at any bank in St. Lucia. EC dollar (US $1 = EC $2.60). All places and vendors will also accept USD, but your exchange rate will be better by going to a bank first and using local currency for payments.

As always, the quality of service should determine how you tip. We suggest a tip of around 10-15% as a good guideline.

Eastern Caribbean Time Zone UTC-04:00

English is the official language, but locals speak a French Creole called Patois.

Best to verify with your service provider. Our local providers are Digicel and FLOW, but nowadays any major service provider will have an international package for roaming in St. Lucia.

Departure tax is included in the price of the ticket for all passengers over 12 years old leaving the island via air travel.

The duty free allowance for arriving passengers is 200 cigarettes or a half pound of tobacco or 50 cigars; 40 fluid ounces of wines or spirits.

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