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We are Sylvia and Bruno, the owners and your hosts. We live close by and are here to help you feel at home. We will welcome you upon your arrival and will be available whenever necessary to help you with your plans as you wish.
Sylvia is St Lucian and Bruno is from France, having first moved to the Caribbean 35 years ago. We both have a wealth of knowledge about the area and we wish to ensure your stay in our beautiful St Lucia is a memorable one.

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You can’t visit Saint Lucia without getting out on the water. Whether you’re exploring the shore on a kayak or heading out deep sea fishing, there are boats all over the island.



Saint Lucia are a great choice for travellers who want something a little different on their dinner plate, and it all starts with an immense love for local cuisine.



When you arrive at the beautiful island of Saint Lucia, you’re going to need a reliable taxi company to get you from the airport to your destination.


About St Lucia



As early as 200 AD, the island was first inhabited by the Arawak Indians. Later, it was taken over by the ‘Caribs’ who were often regarded as aggressive and possibly even cannibals although there is little evidence to support that claim). They named the island Iouanalao, meaning “island of the iguanas”.

In the early 15th century, Christopher Columbus reported seeing St. Lucia, but didn’t make landfall.

Saint Lucia history pirates next inhabitant of the island were by pirates and their infamous leader, Francois Le Clerc. He was known for his wooden leg and also went by the nickname of Jambe de Bois (meaning wooden leg in French). In fact, Marigot Bay has been known to be a getaway hideout for escaping pirates, who would sail into the bay and hide their ship behind the palm-studded sand spit of the bay. Once dropping their sails, the ship would become virtually inconspicuous.

In the 1600’s the Dutch arrived and built a base at Vieux Fort (south part of the island).

From this point up to the early 1800’s, there was an ensuing process of colonization attempts, battles, skirmishes, and retreats of the French, English and the local natives over the island. In fact, it’s said the island changed hands between the English and French 14 times before finally being ceded to Britain in 1814.


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